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Schuhmacher Ranch, Inc.



Schuhmacher Ranch has long been a place to hunt for a nice deer, antelope or turkey. For several years the ranch hosted hunters that came as part of The Governor's Turkey Hunt. We have hosted groups of hunters that filmed and used their footage of both deer and turkey hunts on shows.

We offer a variety of hunting opportunities on the ranch. We offer deer hunts for either Whitetail or Mule Deer, Merriam Turkey hunts and Antelope. With the majority of the deer hunts being for whitetail. All of our hunts are managed through John Grint's Bordeaux Creek Outfitters. Deer and antelope may be taken with rifle, muzzleloader, or archery. Nebraska also offers an antlerless season which we encourage first time hunters

The ranch started limiting the hunting on the ranch about 15 years ago as a management plan to improve the buck to doe ratio, to enhance the genetics, and to give our hunters the opportunity to see a lot of bucks.  It is not unusual to have 4 or 5 buck pass by each blind every day.


Game cameras have been placed around the ranch prior to deer season to observe the animals. This has enabled the strategic location of the hunting blinds and tree stands along the river bottoms giving hunters ample opportunities to have their choice of deer. The large number of antelope can be stalked from several locations.

The ranch consists of several miles of hard wood and cottonwood river bottoms along the White River, as well as a mile of hardwood bottoms along Chadron Creek. The deer utilize the alfalfa bottoms and the pivots as well as the wheat planted in the fall as natural food plots. Antelope are mainly located up in the prairie which consists of gently rolling hills that will enable a hunter a good stalk.